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  • By Steel City Anesthesia On Tuesday, November 09 th, 2010 · no Comments · In

    Can you think of a medical treatment that involves absolutely no pain and/or discomfort? Hard to think of any, right? Even a simple teeth cleaning by a dentist/hygienist can be uncomfortable if the patient is sensitive or needs advanced care. Pain management is an integral part of most patient procedures. Anesthesia outsourcing has improved patient comfort and safety across all streams of medical care. As a an office-based physician, ASC, or hospital, think of how many of your patients have hesitated or not come back for a follow up procedure because of the pain involved. This is probably a significant number. Anesthesia consultants can change that. They help build your reputation as a quality healthcare provider and boost your revenue. Satisfaction surveys reveal that outsourced anesthesia services facilitate enhanced healthcare services. They are able to provide clinically safe anesthesia for your growing number of patient procedures without compromising on patient comfort and care. Whether you’re looking for office-based anesthesia services or outpatient anesthesia, an established anesthesia management company is able to offer licensed CRNAs/anesthetists who are experienced in a wide range of procedures including Gynecology Dentistry Endoscopy Colonoscopy Urology Gastroenterology Positive patient outcomes with outsourced anesthesia care Anesthesia outsourcing ensures more positive patient outcomes irrespective of how complicated the procedure maybe. It is a proven fact that Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC) is a more reliable and safe option than any other method of sedation. Qualified anesthetists monitor the patient’s condition during the entire procedure he/she is undergoing. This eliminates the need for an additional RN and ensures top quality medical care. These CRNAs and anesthesiologists are also trained to deal with complications which minimize unnecessary risks. In addition, MAC has lesser or no side effects. This is a significant advantage if you’re looking to reduce recovery times and increase service capabilities without driving up costs at your medical center. Pain-free procedures, increased patient safety and comfort, and shorter stays encourage people to seek follow up treatments. Are you already working with anesthesia consultants? Tell us the benefits of anesthesia partnerships that you’re enjoying.

  • By Steel City Anesthesia On Monday, November 01 st, 2010 · no Comments · In

    The tremendous benefits of anesthesia outsourcing have led to an increased demand for anesthesia consultants. Many anesthesiologists/CRNAs are now looking to establish mutually beneficial anesthesia partnerships with hospitals, ASCs and office-based practices. And there are a number of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia anesthesia providers to choose from. However, if you’re considering switching to this new and successful anesthesia care model, make sure you have an established anesthesia management company to help you make a smooth and safe transition. How to choose an anesthesia provider? Make sure CRNAs/anesthetists are licensed and certified: Don’t compromise on patient safety. The anesthesia management company that you choose must show you proof of their qualifications. Look for smooth service delivery process: Successful anesthesia outsourcing follows a smooth process. Introducing office-based anesthesia services or adding to outpatient anesthesia services in a hospital/ASC is problem-free when you’re dealing with an experienced anesthesia management company. From assistance with setup and credentialing to offering reliable anesthesia providers and navigating complex anesthesia billing procedures, make sure everything will be taken care of. Examine the anesthesia management company’s track record: As with any other service, reputation and customer satisfaction are big indicators of what to expect. Ask around the medical community for names of anesthesia providers with a proven track record for consistency and top quality, clinically safe anesthesia services. Ask if they provide personalized service: Some anesthesia providers like Steel City Anesthesia LLC  match their CRNAs/anesthetists to your procedural preferences and working style. Personalized service from anesthetists with local ties increases efficiency, drives more positive patient outcomes and ensures your satisfaction. Check if they accommodate special requests: Flexibility and willingness to accommodate special requests makes for valuable anesthesia partnerships. Having an anesthesia provider who shares your goals for increasing service capacity and quality is a great asset. Have additional requirements you’re searching for? Tell us what you’re looking for in an anesthesia provider. We’d love to hear from you on our blog!

  • By Steel City Anesthesia On Monday, October 25 th, 2010 · no Comments · In

    Taking your medical care up a notch In our previous posts on the benefits of anesthesia outsourcing we’ve talked at length about how this new anesthesia care model generates more revenue. Here, we’d like to draw your attention to yet another one of its great advantages – improved patient care. Anesthesia consulting promotes efficiency, patient comfort and safety which greatly enhance the quality of healthcare your center can provide. Anesthesia consultants are valuable partners in top quality patient care More positive patient outcomes resulting from pain free procedures and increased patient comfort have a significant impact on the reputation of your ASC, hospital and/or office based practice. After all, if you were going under for a procedure, you’d be more favorably inclined towards a medical center that’s known for excellent patient care. An established anesthesia management company stresses on quality healthcare and clinically safe anesthesia. It also provides licensed CRNAs/anesthestists who minimize risks both pre and post-op. Having them as part of your medical team ensures smooth procedures and fewer complications which means faster recovery and greater patient satisfaction. That too at no extra cost! You will agree it’s a simple, cost-efficient way to build a stellar reputation for your medical practice. Anesthesia partnerships promote repeat procedures and referrals It’s no secret that a significant number of follow-up procedures are determined by the patient’s previous experience. The same goes for referrals. Think about it, how many of us are likely to go back or recommend a relative or friend if we’ve suffered pain and discomfort (or a complication) during a previous treatment? Anesthesia outsourcing increases your chances of providing a more pleasant experience for your patients. Whether it’s a colonoscopy, endoscopy or pediatric dentistry a pain-free procedure guarantees increased patient comfort and builds patient trust.  It’s a benefit you can’t ignore. Tell us how an anesthesia partnership has helped your medical center.

  • By Steel City Anesthesia On Tuesday, October 19 th, 2010 · no Comments · In

    Considering a switch to outsourced anesthesia but not sure how it will work for you? Partnering with an experienced anesthesia management company will help you avoid problems during the transition process. While you may be tempted to go with an independent anesthesia consultant, you’ve got to make sure that your anesthesia services company is licensed and qualified in order to reduce your liabilities and patient risks. A trusted anesthesia management company makes the shift to an anesthesia care model smooth and stress-free. They provide valuable assistance with obtaining important accreditations from the State Department of Health as well as approval from insurance providers, if needed They navigate the complex world of anesthesia billing… you don’t They take care of credentialing requirements for their CRNAs/anesthetists which ensures quality service They will match anesthesia providers to your physician’s working style and procedural preferences. They will also try to assign the same CRNA/anesthetist (often located in your community) whenever possible. They will work to improve patient flow, care and comfort which translates into more procedures and increased revenue They burden all of the liability and a reliable anesthesia management company has more than adequate coverage An anesthesia management company is an excellent resource for improving patient flow and delivering positive patient outcomes that you can take advantage of at no extra cost to you. Would you make the move to anesthesia outsourcing if you had reliable anesthesia consultants to work with? Tell us what you think.

  • By Steel City Anesthesia On Monday, October 11 th, 2010 · no Comments · In

    Here’s the scenario…Whether you are a new or established office-based medical practitioner, you want to be able to offer a full range of services. Insurance companies are tightening their clutch around patient benefits and payments. With advancements in medicine and new technologies available every day, you want to offer the latest procedures yet keep expenses under control. You know that quality of patient care and comfort impacts repeat procedures and referrals. So then the nagging question is — how does one maintain top quality healthcare services and avoid financial issues at the same time? Medical centers and office-based physicians that have sought out an anesthesia services company say “outsourcing has improved patient care and increased revenues”. Wondering how? The solution is simple. Outsourced anesthesia means no cost to you Ask an established anesthesia management company to take care of your outpatient anesthesia requirements. Your already overstretched finances don’t have a budget for one on your staff. No problem! A partnership with an anesthesia services company like Steel City Anesthesia is no cost to you (it’s paid for by the patient or insurance company) and will meet your needs effectively. Grow your practice — no compromises required! The greatest benefit of anesthesia outsourcing is that it improves healthcare quality and steps up efficiency. Quicker and safer sedation means faster procedures. Fewer or no side effects encourage quick recovery. In addition, a qualified anesthetist/CRNA performs two roles – technician and nurse. He/she monitors the patient throughout the procedure eliminating the need for additional surgical staff. The liabilities and complex anesthesia billing procedures are also taken care of by the anesthesia provider. Improved patient care and comfort encourages your patients to come back for follow-up procedures or recommend you to their family and friends. You’ll have a chance to grow your practice and provide top quality care while reducing your overhead and liabilities. Are you an office-based physician who is already enjoying the benefits of anesthesia outsourcing? Tell us your story! Or maybe you have other cost-saving strategies you can share with us. Post your thoughts on our blog.

  • By Steel City Anesthesia On Monday, October 04 th, 2010 · no Comments · In

    Balancing the books is a universal challenge. It doesn’t matter whether you are a big business or a small one, a medical facility or a school. As a healthcare provider, you want patient care and advanced medical services to remain a priority. And yet, cost-control and managing expenses take up so much of your time and effort. Continuing to discuss the benefits of anesthesia outsourcing on our blog, let’s take a look at how the new anesthesia care model can help improve your bottom line. Meeting the demands of a rising number of patient procedures without increasing staffing is a daily challenge. How do you not increase cost and deal with the increased work load efficiently? How do you keep your doors open and still maintain a reputation for high standards of service? Anesthesia outsourcing cuts cost… not quality Anesthesia outsourcing can be the ideal solution to help streamline your overhead and provide quality healthcare services.  An established anesthesia management company can take care of your outpatient anesthesia requirements. An ongoing partnership will reduce the burden on your in-house anesthesiologists and eliminate the need for extra staff (and a bigger budget). Moreover, it’s at no cost to you! Anesthesia consulting promotes higher productivity and optimized utilization of resources Managing the finances at a medical facility is not very different from running a business. You have to stay viable, satisfy your customers (patients) and the shareholders. In the end it comes down to being able to crunch the numbers. Anesthesia outsourcing offers many advantages: Increased patient flow and revenue No cost to your facility Improved facilities and patient care Effective utilization of your staff Optimized use of medical supplies Streamlined overhead and lower cost Reduced liabilities We really want to hear from you about how anesthesia outsourcing has helped streamline overhead expenses for your medical facility. Share your stories on our blog.

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