Anesthesia Services for Hospitals

Is your…

  • OR overwhelmed by a steadily increasing volume of patients?
  • Anesthesia care team struggling to keep up with the demand?
  • Management team looking to increase efficiency without compromising patient safety and healthcare quality?
  • Team of physicians and surgeons looking for ways to reduce and even eliminate risk and liability?

Anesthesia outsourcing will not only improve your operational efficiency and patient safety but will reduce staffing requirements, increase your revenue and separate your hospital from liability related to anesthesia procedures.

Steel City Anesthesia LLC has been teaming up with hospitals and surgery/ambulatory centers (ASCs) as well as office-based physicians to provide anesthesia services in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

We’re not looking to replace your current anesthesia care team, but in fact, to provide additional anesthetists for expanded OR services at no cost to you.

Schedule a meeting to discuss how our licensed anesthesia providers can provide profitable anesthesia consulting services for your hospital. We have extensive experience in gynecology, urology, dentistry, gastroenterology, endoscopy and colonoscopy services.

What are the benefits of an anesthesia partnership with us?

  • Expanded OR services: Steel City Anesthesia LLC’s “fast-in-fast-out” approach significantly increases the flow of patients. While your anesthesia care team is dealing with trauma cases and complicated surgeries, we can help meet your requirements in other areas like endoscopy and colonoscopy services. Our  licensed and experienced anesthetists induce sleep in just 15 seconds or less, and our specialized care helps patients recover faster by reducing or eliminating the side effects of sedation medications. This considerably decreases the time a patient will spend in your hospital and increases the number of cases you can process daily without straining your in-house anesthesia providers.
  • Lower staffing requirements and cost: Our anesthesia services are paid for by insurance companies; your hospital doesn’t have to compensate us for our work.  With our CRNAs present, you may be able to lower your OR staffing requirements by eliminating the need for an RN in the OR room.
  • Emphasis on patient safety: Quality health care and patient safety are synonymous. The FDA package insert requires propofol be administered by a licensed anesthesia provider and we can help you meet your extensive requirements in a clinically safe manner. Moreover, our experienced CRNAs practice strict infection control to avoid pre and post-operative complications. Our anesthesia care model emphasizes and improves patient safety to increase positive patient outcomes. You can log in on a regular basis to our online scheduling system to see which anesthesia provider has been assigned to your hospital. We do our best to send CRNAs who are familiar with your facility’s operating procedures.
  • Reduced liability: Anesthesia outsourcing reduces your liability in the OR. Since it no longer requires physician intra-operative monitoring, anesthesia is the sole responsibility of our anesthetist. As your anesthesia provider, Steel City Anesthesia becomes responsible for any issues that might arise, if at all they do.
  • Improved revenue: An anesthesia alliance with Steel City Anesthesia initiates quicker procedures and recovery times which automatically means more patients and revenue for your hospital. We also promote effective pharmacy utilization of anesthesia drugs (typically combined under the patient's ‘facility charge’) which can add to your savings. In addition, our presence can reduce staff requirements in the OR and encourages better utilization of your resources to positively impact your profitability. It’s a financially rewarding arrangement!
  • Patient satisfaction surveys and case reviews for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI): We conduct patient satisfaction surveys that your hospital management can access to get a clear idea of their strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. They can also take advantage of our CQI meetings where we review previously done cases and discuss problems, which helps hospital executives develop protocols and standards for quality improvement.

Contact Steel City Anesthesia, LLC for the latest anesthesia consulting services in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

We are committed to health care integrity, safety and positive patient outcomes.

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