How Outsourced Anesthesia Improves Quality of Life for Anesthesia Providers

We have been analyzing the benefits of anesthesia outsourcing on our blog. What bigger benefit can any professional want than work-life balance?

Many CRNAs and anesthetists are struggling to maintain the balance between work and family life. An increasing number of patients and procedures in hospitals and ambulatory/surgery centers means long working hours and very little family or leisure time. Moreover, if the medical facility they are working at is understaffed (due to budgetary constraints), working increased hours and reduced vacation time is not uncommon. The result is extreme exhaustion and work stress which takes a serious toll on the physical and mental well-being of these medical professionals.

  • Anesthesia outsourcing reduces workload

With anesthesia outsourcing hospitals, surgery centers and even office-based physicians have a cost-effective solution for dealing with increased procedures without overburdening their staff. Anesthesia providers can look forward to more flexibility in their work schedules.

  • Anesthesia partnerships increase revenue and leisure/family time

Forming an anesthesia partnership with an established anesthesia management company has improved quality of life (and earning capability) for CRNAs/anesthetists. Improved patient flow and positive patient outcomes have increased the demand for this successful new anesthesia care model and need for anesthesia consultants. With hospitals, surgery centers and office-based practitioners looking for outpatient anesthesia providers, there’s more than enough work to go around.

  • Anesthesia management companies take care of all the paperwork

The success of anesthesia outsourcing has anesthesia management companies looking for certified anesthesia providers to join their team. The company will…

  • Source and provide work
  • Manage contracts
  • Navigate the complexities of anesthesia billing
  • Ensure timely payment

CRNAs and anesthesiologists now have a say in how many days or hours they want to work and no longer need to sacrifice family or leisure time. We would like to hear from you about how you aim to achieve a good work-life balance as an anesthesia provider. Has the outsourced anesthesia model worked for you?

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