Challenge Facing Anesthesia Management Solutions – “Apples and Oranges” (Part 2 of 4)

Apples and Oranges Comparison

“That’s like comparing apples to oranges.”  How many times have you heard or even used this expression?  In medicine, no two patients, no two hospitals, not two…well, anything is the same.  So why do so many healthcare facilities still use the excuse that there isn’t any difference between anesthesia management solutions organizations?

Like anything else in healthcare, there are benefits and risks in choosing an appropriate anesthesia management solutions organization.  Luckily for you, SCA is here to help provide three easy ways to separate the apples and the oranges.  In honor of the annual professional golf event this week simply known as, “The Masters,” simply remember PAR and you will remember to look at an MSO’s Philosophy, Architecture and References to unlock whether or not they are a good fit for your facility.


As we have said in previous blogs, it is important that any MSO, regardless of it is in the anesthesia world or not, shares a similar philosophy in how they set up their company, perform and manage business.  If they do not share a similar belief in how business in conducted or handle their own operations, chances are they will not handle yours the way you hope they do.  Remember from Part 1 of this series, “We are the They.”  A quality anesthesia management solution partner will not only have anesthesia services at the heart of their capabilities, but they will value quality and safety as well as ensuring that patient safety and satisfaction is at the top of any situation.  But saying and doing are two different things, which is why you should always ask for qualitative data that supports their efforts and reports that backs up their rhetoric.  At SCA, we have consistently been ranked in the 99th percentile of all patient and physician/facility satisfaction surveys, something we are very proud of and never hide from.  It is also imperative that the anesthesia management solution company adheres to strict compliance efforts when bringing on new team members to satisfy your needs.  They are an extension of your organization so they must share the same philosophies the larger entity they serve does.


Next, be sure to make sure the corporate architecture of the anesthesia management solution organization is one that is something you are comfortable with as a partner.  Whether they are a public or private company, there are key stakeholders, with whom you should not only be aware of in terms of who the company answers to, but also find out if those stakeholders are active in the company’s operations.  At SCA, we are privately held company whose owners are active in the daily operations of the company, not only reinvesting in the company and our clients, but in the idea that we provide a better service when we are a better company.  To do this, we focus on delivering the highest quality of anesthesia management services in fiscally responsible manner that leads to higher revenues for our clients and, most importantly, a higher level of satisfaction for the patients and surgeons we serve.


Lastly, it is always good to check the references of a new anesthesia management solution partner.  Any time a new employee or service provider is being brought onboard, a thorough background and reference check should be conducted.  Request contact information of current and/or past clients who resembles your organization and don’t be shy about the reason you are contacting them.  Find out the good and the bad, what they liked best or the biggest opportunities for improvement and, most importantly, ask them, “If given the opportunity again, would you work with this MSO?”  This answer will be one of the most important you receive in your review.


By remembering to shoot for “PAR” when it comes to vetting your potential new anesthesia management solutions organization, you’ll find that it will become very obvious that no two-anesthesia management solutions companies are the same.  Most importantly, by taking this approach, you will find the right partner for your organization.