Why Outsource your Anesthesia Services?

The top 3 reasons:

  • Safety
  • Savings
  • Satisfaction

Anesthesia outsourcing is not just a new buzz word in healthcare services —it means fast-in-fast-out procedures in a safe and efficient manner.

Although still in its infancy, the demand for outsourced anesthesia services is growing fast. Healthcare facilities are challenged by the rising number of patients. They don’t have the budget to increase staffing. Clinically safe outpatient anesthesia offers a great solution! We have seen hospitals, surgery/ambulatory centers and office-based physicians continue to maintain high healthcare standards without increasing their overhead. On-demand anesthesia is their preferred choice because it delivers patient safety and comfort with great savings for the medical center.

Here in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, many healthcare facilities have made the smart move to outsource their anesthesia services. They tell us how happy they are about the positive patient outcomes and cost-effective service this new anesthesia care model offers:

  • “Anesthesia consultants have helped us expand our healthcare capabilities…”
  • “Our hospital OR has registered an increased flow of patients without overburdening our own anesthesiologists.”
  • “We can better focus on trauma cases because we now have the support of anesthesia consultants to meet our requirements in other important areas like endoscopy and colonoscopy services.”
  • “Outpatient anesthesia uses Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC) which induces sleep in 15 seconds. It has fewer or no side effects, so our patients have faster recovery.”
  • “Our surgery/ambulatory center has shown a dramatic reduction in patient recovery times and a significant increase in capabilities. Anesthesia outsourcing has enabled us to provide quality medical services to many more people.”

Physicians using office-based anesthesia are also seeing increased revenue as a result of the new anesthesia care models. Propofol usage monitored by a trained CRNA translates into painless procedures, happy patients and more referrals. Pain is often the main reason why patients fail to come for follow-up procedures. Outpatient anesthesia is a cost-effective way to eliminate pain and increase patient comfort. It helps facilities take on a higher number of outpatient procedures and thereby increases revenue for the medical center.

In other words, Anesthesia Outsourcing = Increased Efficiency + Higher Profits.

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