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Cost-efficient Outsourced Anesthesia Management Services from Steel City Anesthesia, LLC

Steel City Anesthesia LLC can provide complementary staffing with certified anesthesia providers, often at no cost to: Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), hospitals or doctors’ offices needing office-based anesthesia. Our network of anesthesia providers serves customer facilities across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia and other states.

Our mission is to provide anesthesia management services that deliver high quality clinical and administrative anesthesia solutions in ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals and physicians’ offices, with paramount care for the patients we serve.

Our Goals, Your Advantage: Savings, Safety, Satisfaction.


Anesthesia services on demand, often at no cost to physician or center:

Steel City Anesthesia provides ASCs, hospitals and doctors with anesthesia services that are often at no cost to them. Our anesthesia care team personnel are our sole responsibility which means we take care of recruitment, credentialing, scheduling, payment (which comes from the patient or the insurance provider) and liabilities. Anesthesia outsourcing increases your revenue and reduces cost at the same time.

Facilitating turnover times:

We drive efficiency. Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC) is quicker and much safer than conscious sedation. It has fewer or no side effects and encourages faster patient recovery which allows the centers we team up with to serve more patients. For instance, at one of our centers their Cases per Day have increased nearly 75% through the combined efforts of the center and our staff. That is an additional 750 patients seen as a direct result of outsourced anesthesia services.

Clinical support of surgical staff:

Traditional OR staffing requirements are significantly reduced due to our resource pool of anesthesia providers. Steel City Anesthesia’s CRNAs can replace the need for an RN from a facility to be in the OR as well. This significantly lowers your surgical staffing requirements. Also with our staffing model, anesthesia services no longer need to be supervised by an anesthesiologist, all resulting in efficient utilization of your facility and your physicians’ time.

Pharmacy utilization of drugs:

Anesthesia costs are usually combined with other fees under ‘facility charge’. Our efficient pharmacy utilization of anesthesia drugs helps your facility or medical center by leaving more money in your pocket. Propofol usage requires a certified registered nurse anesthetist. Not only do we increase patient safety through monitored care but our effective utilization of anesthesia brings savings to you and your patients as well.


Liability once shouldered by the hospital, surgical center or doctor is now the responsibility of Steel City Anesthesia:

Anesthesia/sedation of the patient is the sole responsibility of the anesthetist. As your anesthesia provider, Steel City Anesthesia takes on this role. Since it no longer requires physician intraoperative monitoring, there’s no cost and no liability for your medical center.

Certified, insured and dedicated anesthesia care team:

We have a Professional Liability Coverage of $1M/$3M. Our credentialed staff of over 25 anesthesia providers are accredited by an independent third party with extremely high standards. We are committed to recruiting and retaining employees dedicated to anesthesia and its unique requirements. All of our provider staff is selectively assigned to each facility, and has local ties to West Virginia, Pennsylvania or Ohio which ensures familiarity with the region and encourages an easy commute to and from the medical centers we serve.

Commitment to patient safety:

In addition to being certified for propofol usage, our staff practices strict infection control procedures to minimize any complications. We also educate the surgical teams we work with about safe practices with anesthesia services. Our focus is excellence in patient care and comfort through clinically-safe, pain free procedures.

Assistance with anesthesia coverage and credentialing services:

Our anesthesia management company helps ASCs and office-based physicians make a smooth transition to outsourced anesthesia. We also provide valuable assistance with obtaining important accreditations connected with the State Department of Health and insurance provider approval like JCAHO (Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) and AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities). CRNAs who want to join our anesthesia care team also receive help with credentialing.


Meeting physicians’ needs:

Steel City Anesthesia delivers efficiency and convenience. We take the time to match our anesthesia providers to a physician’s working style and procedural preferences. By assigning anesthesiologists and anesthetists with ties to the local area and familiarity with your medical center, we really try to simplify things for everyone involved.

Securing patient satisfaction and increasing profitability:

Outsourcing anesthesia to a quality health care provider like Steel City Anesthesia is a profitable, long-term management solution. We promote positive intra-operative and post-op experiences with shortened procedure and recovery times. This means that patients are more likely to return for follow-up procedures and give referrals.

Special requests:

We are always willing to accommodate special requests for our clients, no matter the case. Our staff has extensive experience working with gynecology, urology, dentistry, gastroenterology, endoscopy, ophthalmology and colonoscopy services.

Expert billing assistance:

Anesthesia billing can be confusing, time consuming and complicated. However, our partners at Practice Management & Billing Solutions Inc. (PMBS) have the expertise and skill required to understand issues unique to the specialty of anesthesia and its patients. This helps speed up payments and makes billing smooth and easy.

Participating in Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI):

We promote health care integrity. The medical centers and physicians we work with can take advantage of our patient surveys and operative reports / anesthesia records to enhance the quality of their services.

Wide insurance coverage:

We’re approved by a host of insurance providers including Medicare/Medicaid, High Mark BlueCross, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Assurance, United Health Care, UPMC, Medical Mutual and many others.

Ready To Meet Your New Anesthesia Partner?

"The staff at Steel City Anesthesia is a joy to work with and always will help out whenever we are in a pinch. Whether helping walk a patient to their car after surgery or simply making coffee in the lounge, we know that patient care is their number one priority."  

Charge Nurse, Northeast Ohio