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Are you…A physician or CRNA who is interested in pursuing independent job opportunities but doesn’t know how or where to start up? Are you looking for an anesthesia alliance with contract management and administrative support?

If so, then consider becoming part of an anesthesia management service organization that ensures regular compensation and anesthesia career growth opportunities. Consider Steel City Anesthesia (SCA).

Steel City Anesthesia, LLC offers the life/work balance and generous compensation you’re looking for. Our team of anesthesia providers enjoys clinical diversity spread over the region of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, a steady work environment and numerous opportunities for growth and leadership.

Our success is the result of an unwavering commitment to efficient painless procedures, safety and positive patient outcomes. Over the past 2 years we have seen growth of nearly 290% in total cases per month, with efficiency being the key.

Why should physicians and CRNAs join our anesthesia care team?

Expert contract management:

Do you have a contract that you just don’t have the time or expertise to deftly manage? Steel City Anesthesia, LLC will be happy to do it for you. Contract management is laborious and time consuming, especially if you’re not experienced. Why spend time away from family and doing things you love, on endless paperwork and billing issues? You’re a medical professional, not an administrator. We have the skills, experience and infrastructure to make sure that your working relationships are maintained appropriately. Our fees are a small price to pay for life/work balance. Plus your get to take advantage of our:

  • Contract management expertise to make sure everything runs smoothly
  • Efficient administrative support that stays on top of all your paperwork
  • Experienced billing partnership with Practice Management & Billing Solutions, Inc. (PMBS) to navigate the complications of anesthesia billing and make sure you get your payments on time

You don’t ever have to worry that we will give your contract to someone else. Steel City Anesthesia, LLC ensures honesty and integrity in all our relationships. We will just make your life and work easier by relieving you of the administrative burden.

Assured income generation:

If you have always wanted to be your own boss but were worried about whether you would have enough work, join our anesthesia consulting firm. We’ve been on both sides of the fence and know exactly what to look out for. As part of our team you’ll enjoy:

  • Generous compensation and benefits
  • Geographical and clinical diversity as our CRNAs work as anesthesia providers in hospitals, surgery/ambulatory centers as well as office-based anesthesia. Our team is highly skilled in monitored anesthesia care (MAC) for a variety of fields including gynecology, urology, dentistry, gastroenterology, endoscopy and colonoscopy services
  • Credentialing assistance to meet State Health Department requirements
  • An encouraging and progressive working environment with plenty of opportunity for growth as well as leadership

As part of the Steel City Anesthesia, LLC team you won’t have to worry about sourcing work, managing a contract or running around for payments. There’s enough work to go around and we make sure you’re paid well, and on time.

Steel City Anesthesia’s network of certified nurse anesthetists/Anesthesiologists are committed to health care integrity and patient satisfaction. Whether you’re a CRNA or anesthesiologist in Pennsylvania, Ohio or West Virginia, Steel City Anesthesia, LLC can make a career in anesthesiology work for you.

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