Physician/Surgeon Anesthesia Services

In-Office Anesthesia Management Solutions

Office-based anesthesia is beneficial for physicians and patients. It is more convenient, efficient and cost effective, and patients retain the comfort of an office-setting. At Steel City Anesthesia, we offer cost-effective, in-office solutions for physicians and surgeons – anesthesia services across Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and other areas, with a focus on achieving more positive patient outcomes.

At SCA, our top notch anesthesia consulting team members, anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) are committed to complimenting your center and performing clinically safe procedures.

SCA will provide everything required to deliver the highest caliber anesthesia care as well as the recovery of your patients. You can rely on us as a trusted resource to serve your anesthesiology needs without adding to your payroll or management tasks.

We have experience in a variety of medical fields including gynecology, urology, dentistry, gastroenterology, endoscopy, ophthalmology and colonoscopy services.

SCA provides hassle-free, turnkey services to physicians that:
  • Reduce staffing requirements
  • Eliminate professional liability
  • Provide smooth transitions from sedation to anesthesia
  • Absolutely no cost to physician (patients pay direct)
  • Increase revenue
  • Provides credentialing, training and practice support

Our goal is to set the standard for office-based, physician and surgeon anesthesia services in the region. Our service allows for safe and efficient anesthesia, and the ability for you to maximize your time in the office and optimize your financial potential.

Grow your practice — no compromises required!

The greatest benefit of anesthesia outsourcing is that it improves healthcare quality and steps up efficiency. Quicker and safer sedation means faster procedures. Fewer or no side effects encourage quick recovery. In addition, a qualified anesthesia provider performs two roles – technician and nurse. He/she monitors the patient throughout the procedure eliminating the need for additional surgical staff. The liabilities and complex anesthesia billing procedures are also taken care of by the anesthesia provider. Improved patient care and comfort encourages your patients to come back for follow-up procedures or recommend you to their family and friends.

With SCA’s help, you’ll have a chance to grow your practice and provide top quality care while reducing your overhead and liabilities. Sounds like the perfect solution.

Find out if a partnership with Steel City Anesthesia is right for your practice!

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