Anesthesia Services

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Cost-efficient Outsourced Anesthesia Services for Healthcare Facilities

The growing number of patient procedures has ASCs (Ambulatory Surgery Centers) and hospitals in states across the U.S. struggling to meet the demand for anesthesia services. Providing quality healthcare without increasing staffing or cost is just as important as ensuring patient safety and comfort.  So how do you provide clinically safe outpatient anesthesia services without increased expenses?

Outsourced anesthesia services from a recognized and reliable anesthesia provider like Steel City Anesthesia LLC, is the perfect solution. We provide certified anesthesia providers who will work seamlessly with your medical team to ensure pain-free procedures, improved patient care and increased revenue. Our aim is to deliver cost-effective outpatient anesthesia services and high quality patient care for ASCs, hospitals and office-based practitioners in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, as well as other states.

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Over the past two years, Steel City Anesthesia LLC has seen a growth of nearly 290% in total cases per month, mainly due to the efficiency improvements and OR turnaround time our partners realize with SCA’s services.

How Steel City Anesthesia Services Will Benefit Your Healthcare Facility:


  • Outsourced anesthesia services are no liability for you, and is the sole responsibility of Steel City Anesthesia.
  • Certified and insured anesthesia providers are accredited by an independent third party. We have a Professional Liability Coverage of $1M/$3M.
  • Our commitment to improving patient safety and comfort is manifested through strict infection control and clinically-safe anesthesia services.
  • We also provide valuable assistance with anesthesia coverage and credentialing for medical centers and anesthetists.


  • Outsourced anesthesia services are often delivered at no cost to you and are paid for by the patient or their insurance company.
  • Your facility enjoys increased efficiency as quicker sedation and fewer side effect risks reduce recovery time.
  • Reduce staffing requirements as our CRNA performs two roles — that of a technician as well as an RN.
  • Ensure optimized use of your resources through proper, effective utilization of anesthesia.


  • We match anesthesia providers to your physician’s working style to ensure smooth procedures.
  • Positive patient outcomes mean more repeat business and referrals.
  • Expert billing assistance from our partners, Practice Management & Billing Solutions Inc., removes complications and speeds up payments.
  • Wide insurance coverage including Medicare/Medicaid, High Mark BlueCross, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Assurance, United Health Care, UPMC, Medical Mutual, and more.
  • We accommodate special requests for gynecology, urology, dentistry, gastroenterology, endoscopy, ophthalmology, and colonoscopy services.