Reducing Staffing and Costs for your Anesthesia Department

How Does Anesthesia Outsourcing Reduce Staffing Requirements and Cost?

The challenge of keeping costs and staffing requirements low is not unique to the corporate world. Hospitals, Ambulatory/Surgery Centers (ASCs) and doctors handling office-based anesthesia procedures also struggle with it. Maintaining the same high standards of healthcare but serving an increasing number of patients is an uphill task. Plus these medical centers are trying not to hire additional staff and reduce costs at the same time.

Anesthesia outsourcing or using anesthesia consultants to meet the rising number of patients has proven to be the single most effective solution in improving medical services. Best part is — you’re not busting your budget with increased overhead!

How a partnership with anesthesia on-demand service providers increases profits:

  • No cost to you! None! Whether you’re managing a hospital, ASC or have a medical practice of your own, this new anesthesia care model is not another expense item in your books. Outpatient anesthesia services are paid for by the patients and their insurance companies so you don’t have to pay the anesthesia group.  
  • Additional free staffing: If you’ve been feeling the heat to increase staffing and improve patient services, anesthesia consulting is a simple and cost-efficient solution. Having an anesthetist or CRNA on hand during the procedure also reduces your traditional surgical staffing requirements. The anesthesia provider performs two roles; that of a technician as well as a registered nurse anesthetist. In addition, leading anesthesia on-demand services use Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC), so there’s no need for the anesthesia team to be supervised by a physician. This frees up personal and professional time for people on your team!
  • Faster procedures: Anesthesia outsourcing improves healthcare quality and efficiency. Quicker and safer sedation means faster procedures. Fewer or no side effects encourages quick recovery. What does all this mean for your medical center? More surgeries and procedures, better patient referrals and more revenue!

Healthcare facilities that have transitioned to anesthesia consulting from reliable providers like Steel City Anesthesia LLC are now running a tighter ship. Less staff on payroll but more money in the bank!

Want to reduce staffing requirements and be more cost-effective? Let’s discuss anesthesia outsourcing on our blog.