Increase Patient Safety and Reduce Liability with Outsourced Anesthesia Services

How does anesthesia outsourcing increase patient safety and reduce liability?

As a healthcare provider, patient safety is always your #1 priority. You follow stringent processes to ensure your patients are never at risk. BUT, no matter what you do, there’s always the stress and anxiety of liability. How do you get away from that? Hospitals, surgery centers and medical offices in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia have made the leap of faith into anesthesia outsourcing!

Yes, it is still an evolving concept in healthcare. But for those who have retained anesthesia consultants for on-demand anesthesia services, it’s a totally rewarding experience. Gone is their frustration of trying to work increased cases into an already tight schedule. No more stress of avoiding medical malpractice suits. Outsourced anesthesia services have improved focus and quality, and set a new standard in healthcare.

Why are more and more healthcare facilities switching to this new anesthesia care model?

The answer is pretty straightforward – more positive patient outcomes and higher revenue!

  • Anesthesia outsourcing provides Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC). Sedation levels and patient’s vitals are closely monitored by an anesthetist or CRNA throughout the procedure. Precise dosage and continuous supervision reduces or eliminates complications.
  • Elimination of pain through quick and effective outpatient anesthesia increases patient comfort. Fewer or no side effects of sedation also encourage faster recovery. This not only beefs up the medical center’s or doctor’s credibility but also increases the percentage of follow-up procedures.
  • Established anesthesia outsourcing services like Steel City Anesthesia LLC promote best medical practices including strict infection control procedures which improves patient safety and lowers the risk of any pre or post-op problems.
  • Best of all, anesthesia outsourcing reduces the healthcare facility’s liability. It no longer requires physician intra-operative monitoring sedation and is the sole responsibility of your anesthesia consulting service. This means that your anesthesia provider becomes liable for any malpractice issues that might arise, not your medical facility.

Anesthesia outsourcing or consulting is a no-cost-no-liability service for any medical center, big or small. Have questions or comments? Post your thoughts on our blog.