How Outsourced Anesthesia Services Can Help Office-Based Physicians Avoid Financial Issues

Here’s the scenario…Whether you are a new or established office-based medical practitioner, you want to be able to offer a full range of services. Insurance companies are tightening their clutch around patient benefits and payments. With advancements in medicine and new technologies available every day, you want to offer the latest procedures yet keep expenses under control. You know that quality of patient care and comfort impacts repeat procedures and referrals.

So then the nagging question is — how does one maintain top quality healthcare services and avoid financial issues at the same time?

Medical centers and office-based physicians that have sought out an anesthesia services company say “outsourcing has improved patient care and increased revenues”. Wondering how? The solution is simple.

  • Outsourced anesthesia means no cost to you

Ask an established anesthesia management company to take care of your outpatient anesthesia requirements. Your already overstretched finances don’t have a budget for one on your staff. No problem! A partnership with an anesthesia services company like Steel City Anesthesia is no cost to you (it’s paid for by the patient or insurance company) and will meet your needs effectively.

  • Grow your practice — no compromises required!

The greatest benefit of anesthesia outsourcing is that it improves healthcare quality and steps up efficiency. Quicker and safer sedation means faster procedures. Fewer or no side effects encourage quick recovery. In addition, a qualified anesthetist/CRNA performs two roles – technician and nurse. He/she monitors the patient throughout the procedure eliminating the need for additional surgical staff. The liabilities and complex anesthesia billing procedures are also taken care of by the anesthesia provider. Improved patient care and comfort encourages your patients to come back for follow-up procedures or recommend you to their family and friends.

You’ll have a chance to grow your practice and provide top quality care while reducing your overhead and liabilities.

Are you an office-based physician who is already enjoying the benefits of anesthesia outsourcing? Tell us your story! Or maybe you have other cost-saving strategies you can share with us. Post your thoughts on our blog.