Why Use An Anesthesia Management Company?

Considering a switch to outsourced anesthesia but not sure how it will work for you? Partnering with an experienced anesthesia management company will help you avoid problems during the transition process.

While you may be tempted to go with an independent anesthesia consultant, you’ve got to make sure that your anesthesia services company is licensed and qualified in order to reduce your liabilities and patient risks.

A trusted anesthesia management company makes the shift to an anesthesia care model smooth and stress-free.

  • They provide valuable assistance with obtaining important accreditations from the State Department of Health as well as approval from insurance providers, if needed
  • They navigate the complex world of anesthesia billing… you don’t
  • They take care of credentialing requirements for their CRNAs/anesthetists which ensures quality service
  • They will match anesthesia providers to your physician’s working style and procedural preferences. They will also try to assign the same CRNA/anesthetist (often located in your community) whenever possible.
  • They will work to improve patient flow, care and comfort which translates into more procedures and increased revenue
  • They burden all of the liability and a reliable anesthesia management company has more than adequate coverage

An anesthesia management company is an excellent resource for improving patient flow and delivering positive patient outcomes that you can take advantage of at no extra cost to you.

Would you make the move to anesthesia outsourcing if you had reliable anesthesia consultants to work with? Tell us what you think.