Improving Anesthesia Services – Using Technology to Increase Communication Among Anesthetists

Using latest technology to stay-in-touch with anesthetists and medical centers

Advanced information technology available today has great potential for improving the quality of anesthesia services. From online scheduling systems to reporting, education and a free exchange of experiences and ideas, anesthetists can greatly benefit from having easy access to an online community of their colleagues. Especially if you are part of/or managing a fast growing anesthesia consulting firm.

Research has shown that communication is key to successful management and implementing best practices. Anesthesia outsourcing companies must take advantage of the latest online systems to…

  • Maintain high standards of anesthesia service
  • Stay connected with  their anesthetists and CRNAs
  • Provide easy access to hospitals, ambulatory centers and office-based practitioner clients

Online systems reduces management time and effort

Automation and online systems have proven to reduce management time and effort tremendously. They are also instrumental in increasing accessibility, accountability and efficiency. It may be easier to understand their effectiveness in light of how Steel City Anesthesia (SCA) has made it an integral part of their anesthesia delivery process. Our successful online scheduling system has advanced communication technology that:

  • Enables our CRNAS across Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania to login and request work at a local facility, check schedules, and receive regular updates from SCA.
  • Allows SCA to message all anesthetists via email and text, sending out work reminders daily and weekly.
  • Provides updates to CRNAS about certifications, new laws, etc.
  • Makes it easy for medical facilities to login to the system and see who is working there and when. This allows facilities to keep in touch with SCA administrators.

Utilize progressive communication systems like the above to enhance your relationship with your anesthesiologist/CRNAS and facilities you serve.

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