Patient Satisfaction Tops Wish List for Anesthesia Services

patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is a new competitive advantage for anesthesia services.

The holiday season also brings a silent pressure to find the perfect gift for all of the people on your shopping list.  Whether it is the latest and greatest technology or, as in a scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, the jelly of the month club, everyone is looking for, “the gift that keeps giving the whole year.”  For Steel City Anesthesia, the gifts we provide our facilities such as costs savings, efficient operating procedures and expert anesthesia services, are presents we deliver every day.  However, patient satisfaction is an integral part to quality management and is the perfect “gift” from any anesthesia partners.

Today, measuring patient satisfaction is still a challenge.  Because of this, patient satisfaction

continues to be a secondary focus for anesthesia providers in establishing a competitive advantage their services.  However, at Steel City Anesthesia, patient satisfaction has been and continues to be a primary and significant characteristic that separates Steel City Anesthesia from the competition.

The challenge in measuring patient satisfaction stems from the objective and subjective nature of the information that comprises its levels.  This convoluted collaboration of information involves physical, emotional, mental, social and cultural elements that are determined not just by the quality of care provided, but by the expectations the patients set on their own.  Pre-anesthesia evaluations are a great way to accomplish to cross off this from your client’s holiday wish list.  These evaluations are invaluable at gaining information to help understand the current status of the patient, historical medical events as well as assisting in establishing an anesthesia plan.

At Steel City Anesthesia, our client satisfaction and patient surveys always rank us in the top 99 percentile of similar companies. This is due to our commitment towards complete satisfaction for both patients and clients.  We take the time to match our local anesthesia providers to facilities they are familiar with, a physician’s working style and procedural preferences. We promote positive intraoperative and post-op experiences with shortened procedure and recovery times. And we are always willing to accommodate special requests.

As more and more patients become responsible for their own healthcare needs, consumer-centric features for anesthesia services are going to play a more vital role into how patients choose healthcare providers, insurance plans and healthcare facilities.  The best gift that any facility can give to their patients is the satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that they will not only receive quality care from them, but from the providers with whom they partner with to provide their care.

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