Anesthesia Through the Years

Anesthesia is a necessary part of the health system and is essential to perform many different types of surgeries today. Without it, some procedures could never happen, causing major health problems for many people. Anesthesia through the years has come a long way since it was first was traced back all the way to ancient times. Original anesthesia processes were performed using opium from poppy seeds which the Greek, Chinese, and Babylonians used in ancient times. 

Moving forward to the mid-1800s soldiers and those needing a surgical procedure would have to take the pain, or use a form of Chloroform or Nitrous Oxide to help them get through the surgery. These methods led to more research and the development of more modern tools and practices. 

Moving into the 1900s, new anesthesia methods and techniques were developed which brought us closer to what we use in medical facilities today. From oral, eye, internal or external procedures more methods became popular and became necessary to perform a procedure with a positive outcome. During the mid to late 1900s, muscle relaxants and the inhalation of the anesthetic started to be used in place of an injectant. In the late 1900s, a new machine was invented which diffused the liquid, creating a vapor which could be inhaled by the patient.

Anesthesia through the years has improved and there has been an immense amount of research, making it easier to perform pain free surgical procedures. The three types of anesthesia used today are Local, General and Regional methods. The type of anesthesia you get will depend on the type of surgery and your medical condition. Whichever method or technique used, patients and surgeons can have peace of mind knowing the surgery will be pain free.