What is an Epidural?

where an epidural is injected
A better look at how an epidural works

What is an Epidural?

It is likely that you have heard the term “Epidural” and probably know someone who has had one, if not yourself. An epidural is considered to be an anesthetic or a steroid that is entered into your “epidural space” using a needle. This space is around all of your spinal nerves so the main goal is to give a patient pain relief through numbing a certain area of your body, depending on the procedure you are getting done. 

Different Types of Epidurals
Epidural Analgesia will give the patient a strong sense of pain relief without total numbness and without losing consciousness. This type is commonly used during labor and childbirth. In fact, more than 50% of patients going through child labor will request an epidural to make the process much easier. This form is injected into the patient’s lower back.

Epidural Anesthesia will give patients a complete loss of physical sensation. This will not cause loss of consciousness, but it will cause numbness so the patient does not feel any pain or move around during the procedure for the safety of them and the doctors. 

Does an epidural hurt? 

One of the most common questions is if the initial injection is painful. In short, you will only feel the pressure of the needle going in. In the end, the lack of pain throughout the procedure is going to outweigh the initial injection of the epidural.